Best Calc

Best Calc (UIQ) 1.02

Calculator with basic and scientific modes

Best Calc is great looking, elegant and powerful calculator for your device. It has two modes - basic, with large buttons enough for your fingers and high contrast numbers to make fast and basic calculations.

And the scientific one - to let you perform all common scientific functions. Intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to lots of functions without having to access menus or lists.

Designed to work just like it is - a really powerful calculator!

Basic mode

  • Large 12-digits display with very large and clear distinguishable numbers

  • Large buttons enough for your fingers

  • Arithmetic operations, square root, calculate using percentages, memory operations, 'call last result' button

Scientific mode

  • 24-digit display with lots of graphic indicators

  • Precedence mode - to reduce entering parenthesis (e.

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Best Calc


Best Calc (UIQ) 1.02

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